I have known Leslie Kornfeld for 25 years, and observed her with a multitude of clients as well as working with her myself.  When she works with a student she gives far more than just a riding lesson.  Leslie is often the "go to gal" for her students on topics such as saddle, shoeing, bits, general horse care, etc.  She is kind and understanding of both horse and rider issues and truly enjoys helping a student negotiate the journey to a more fulfilling partnership.  Oh!  did I not mention she is a very elegant and accomplished rider as well.  I would highly recommend Leslie.

--- Candy Frazer, Owner of Sheriffmuir Farm, Harvard, MA and Bourne Saddlery Representative

I have been riding with Leslie for several years and the depth of her knowledge and understanding of horse and rider mechanics is phenomenal.  Leslie's teaching skills include clear communication and demonstration that yield immediate results.  I highly recommend her as an instructor.
---  Cyndi Carr
Leslie is the best riding teacher I have ever had in a lifetime of riding lessons.  Not only is she a cheerful and positive coach, but she is an intellectual teacher who can break down ideas so that one can understand what one is aiming toward. I recommend Leslie Kornfeld very highly to anyone who wants to improve his or her horsemanship.

---  Laura Stookey-Stuart
Leslie is a terrific teacher, clear and concise, demanding, kind and always encouraging.  I love my lessons.

---  Anne Quill
I have had Leslie as a trainer for 6 or 7 years and owe all my successes in riding to her.  She is a simply wonderful person; she's caring, insightful and a horse person through and through.  Her training is focused, effective and she is able to change good riders into great riders.  Leslie affected my life in so many ways and coached me and the pony I was leasing to new levels I didn't think was possible.  Her quiet, communicative and deeply understanding connection with horses is one that I aspire to attain.  Anyone who works with Leslie is not only a better rider from it, but a better person, I believe.  She's amazing.

---  Kate Axten

I have learned so much from Leslie over the years!  I love the images she uses to help riders better use their bodies.  I appreciate Leslie's warmth and patience and look forward to my lessons.

---  Julie Brill
I tend to have two different kinds of lessons with Leslie: the ones where I know we're having a problem and she fixes it, and the ones where I think we're going pretty well and then she has us make some small adjustments and suddenly we're going so much better.  And with both kinds, I come away with a clear understanding of why she had us do the things we did, and why they worked.  

No matter how badly I'm riding, it never seems to provoke negative comments, just instructions, explanations, and exercises that address the problems.  With Leslie there is no bad, there is only better.  she adjusts her teaching style to suit her students - she'll give detailed explanation of the mechanics if you want it, or just guide you to finding the feel if you're not into the explanations.

---  Rich Peterson
Leslie has been my instructor for I think about 10 years, and she has always been the best fit for me.  She is an extremely talented instructor not just for her riding instruction but also for her ability to maintain calmness in the rider, which of course transcends into the horse and makes the entirety of the ride more beneficial to the horse and rider team.  She has continued to push my horse Winn and me to fulfill our potential, she helped bring us from just another horse and rider, to a truly functional team; and that is something for which I will be forever grateful.

---  Stephanie Beard
As an adult amateur of a certain age, I asked Leslie to reacquaint me with riding after years away from the sport.  She gave me a solid grounding in dressage basics as a platform for what has turned into a major passion in my life.  I was aware of Leslie's teaching because she was teaching a group of children, including mine, the fundamentals of riding and horse husbandry at the time.  She is equally at home with this age group.

---  Kathy McHugh
Leslie is much more than a riding instructor: she is a master teacher.  Professionally I work in education and know about teaching, learning, educational environment, motivation, etc.  Leslie is truly a gifted teacher.  She develops in me the confidence I need to be up on a horse, communicating with an animal about 10 times my weight, working on all the things I need to do to be a "rider" and not a person sitting on a horse.  Leslie moves at a pace that is just right for me as learner.  She is directive - with safety first - while being able to praise, correct and guide all at once.  

---  Donna Cymrot
I've had several dressage riding instructors in Minnesota and here in Massachusetts since 1994 and I can confidently say that Leslie Kornfeld is the absolute best.  She has helped me with my balance and hands and has given me loads of confidence.  She also has the patience of a saint.   Enthusiastically recommended!

---  Gale Yee.
I loved my lessons with Leslie because she helped me understand that before I can communicate effectively with my horse I needed to communicate effectively with my own body!  She made it possible for me to "hear" my own internal static and do something about it.  If you don't know you're making all that noise you certainly cant' stop it, and all that noise created distractions that made it near impossible to ride with an internal quiet and softness.  Basically, she helped me calm down and slow down because I finally believed that doing that would allow me to be in control, instead of a just being a passenger!

---  Roslyn Poznansky (now living in S.C.)
Cyndi Carr with her horse Bunny.
Kate Axten (at age 12) with Mia. 2-phase Event in Weston, MA
Rich Peterson with Harlan at Ponemah Farm Show, NH.
Kathy McHugh on Marine at the GMHA Show.
Gale Yee with Andy at Liberty Tree Farm, Acton, MA

                      DRESSAGE  &  RIDING  INSTRUCTION

"A sincere thanks to all the students who contributed their kind words below."  -- Leslie Kornfeld

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